It's Easy To Eliminate Troublesome Ant Mounds With This Simple 99 cent Solution

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Today’s post is short and easy, which is sometimes just what we all need! Did you know you can knock out an entire ant pile with just club soda? Yup, it’s true!

Kill Ants with Club Soda - Easy, Cheap and Non-Toxic!

When we first moved into our new house this spring, my kids were out playing in the driveway and they started to scream. I went running over to see my son’s legs covered in little black ants and then saw a huge ant pile next to him. Thankfully, some apple cider vinegar anti-itch rub helped the swelling and itching, or you can use a Plantain Weed poultice on bad bites and stings.  It's definitely better to use a natural solution because I don’t want to spray poisonous chemicals on the ground, which only flows into our water supply and damages the ecosystem.  

I discovered that club soda works because it the carbon dioxide from the carbonation displaces the oxygen in the colony, suffocating the queen, which eventually kills the whole colony.

Kill Ants with Non-Toxic Club Soda

It’s Super Easy and Safe

  • For one medium mound, you need about 1/2 liter of club soda (carbonated water). For a large one, I’d use a whole liter.
  • Pour directly onto the mound – I poured all over the entire mound and not just in the center as it was suggested to me. I generously poured it on, since it’s cheap and non-toxic.
  • It takes about 2 full days for it to all die. One very large pile I had needed an extra dose of soda, and that did the trick. Once it dies, it will just be a mound of dirt, then grass or weeds will start to grow on top of it. I can’t even tell where the mounds were a month later!

I read on several sites that it doesn’t work to kill fire ants. I’d like to disagree. I found that their colonies are harder to kill than black ants BUT I did finish them off with my magic powers club soda. It took two rounds and a liter and a half, but they did DIE.

Now my kids can play without getting bitten by nasty little ants and no eco-systems, other insects, animals or humans were poisoned to accomplish that. Plus, for about $1 a liter, it’s also cheap!

Now watch these kids with their Baking soda and Vinegar Solution:  

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