Slash Your Grocery Bill With These Fantastic Ideas

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As food prices continue to soar I think a lot of people are scrambling to be able to buy all the food their families need. I know I keep seeing in the news that so many are depending on food stamps just to feed themselves and their family. As the prices in the grocery stores keep climbing more and more people are going to find it difficult to make the pay check stretch enough to keep up and even more folks could find themselves needing some assistance. This article is a great start on trying to keep your costs down while grocery shopping.

The tips and ideas will help anyone that does the grocery shopping to save money and stretch the money you do have to spend on food each month regardless whether you are using money from a paycheck or food stamps to keep food on the table these ideas can help. Blissful and Domestic shares a lot of ides to help save money. She says she only goes shopping once per month and if you have a pantry or even a large closet to store the jars, cans, bean flours and basic dry goods and a chest freezer to keep meats and frozen produce in you can shop once a moth as well. This will save a lot of money for two reasons. 

One you won’t be in the store all the time for bread and milk which is never the only thing you buy so you spend more because you are there more. The second reason is because you will need to plan your meals and try to use everything you have for the month so you will have much less wasted food.  Once you have that part down, she provides weekly meals so if you need to copy her meals for a while to help you get into the swing of monthly meal planning, it is all right there to help you.

She also shares a link to a so-op type program called Bountiful Basket where you can get a basket of fresh produce weekly for 15 dollars. I wish that had that here in WI but it is mainly out west. For folks that do have one in their area, she did the comparison shopping and bountiful baskets are much more cost effective than the store. She does do a lot of her own baking and even some canning. When she finds a case of some produce on sale like apples pr tomatoes she cans sauces and pie filling and has those to add to her pantry shelves.

For any one feeling the crunch of rising food costs that is seriously looking for a way to make those dollars or stamp stretch as far as you possibly can this article is a fantastic way to get started. I know I have bookmarked because I will be following the weekly recipes and adding some of these shopping techniques to my life.

Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half: Tips and Tricks

Blissful and Domestic is about saving money and living a frugal happy life. One way I do that is by going homemade. Going Homemade means less money spent at the store and more time and money saved. I get to spend more time with those red heads of mine, because less time is spent running errands for things I really don't need.

Part of me being homemade is making things from scratch like my homemade garlic bread sticks and myhomemade cleaners (full video tutorials).

By going homemade we have saved our family a ton of money. Since the beginning of this year, we have cut our grocery bill in half! That's right folks. In the past 2 months we have saved over $600 on groceries! Want to know our secret? Well I am sharing it with you today:)

Alright let's dive in with a little background info first.

Hubby served 5 years in the army. In 2010 we knew he would be coming home from Iraq, getting out of the army, and we would be decreasing our monthly income immensely. Hubby told me about this book he had heard about and suggested I read it. Let me just tell you that this book literally change my life. America's Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money: Your Guide to Living Better, Spending Less, and Cashing in on Your Dreams was the book. I requested it from the library and read it cover to cover. I loved all the money saving tips they talked about. They addressed everything we wanted to work on. We weren't in debt and had even saved $30,000, while the Hubbs was in Iraq. We knew we wanted to buy a house eventually and saved the cash for it. We were doing pretty good, but could do better. I was an avid Target shopper and actually wasn't re-purposing at that time. I had no clue what it was. I would soon find out a few months later.

This book started my family on a journey. A journey leading us to today. I have learned so much because of that book and I want to share it with all of you. You too can save money on groceries and still make yummy, healthy meals for your family. Meals that they will love and actually request. So here is how I shop for  a months worth of groceries. Now just like the Economides talk about in the book, you should work up to a month. Try a week first and then continue to increase it. Remember the more trips we take to the store, the more money we spend. Who just "runs" into the store and comes out with only the one thing they needed? We rarely do. Those impulse purchases are what add up. Shopping once a month saves us from those "splurge purchases".

When I am getting ready to start a new month I prepare and plan. I literally PLAN and PREPARE. It is a big venture to shop for my family of four for 1 whole month. That is 31 days folks! I take inventory of what we have on hand. We have 1 big pantry, 1 fridge/freezer combo, and a freezer chest. I literally write down everything we have. I then meal plan for the month. You can find my meal plans here. I post weekly meal plans for all your lovelies.  (read on to page 2)...

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