When logging: Ignoring these 2 safety rules will ALWAYS get you hurt!

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We're gearing up for firewood harvesting and invested in some new chainsaw operator safety apparel. This opportunity seemed like a good time to open the discussion on safety. We all have a different idea of safety. The goal with this video is to bring a common sense perspective to the topic and address safety for what it is; a perceived feeling of reduced risk or danger.

We also present two basic principles which followed could prevent many unnecessary injuries and unlike accidents are well within your control. Hopefully we can continue this conversation and all share our views and methods on the topic of power tool, chainsaw and general safety.

Safety is what you choose. You and hopefully only you have to deal with the consequences for your decisions. If others are involved then you'd better consider them too. I always say, people are safe, not safety equipment.

from Youtube via Pure Living for Life

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