Would You Sell Your Hair For $3,000? This Girl Did!

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My buyer said he had business the next week and would be staying in a hotel two blocks from my house. I was a little more ballsy this time, I asked him, "I want a certain cut and are you okay with my price?" To my great amusement, he replied,"Are hundreds okay, or do you prefer smaller denominations?"

To even add to how perfect it was, I naturally had the whole day off from work. So at the time we agreed to, I walked over from my house and met him in the lobby. He paid in cash up front, we talked and laughed for a while like old friends, he had a glass of wine, he cut my hair, we thanked each other and said goodbye.

"So yeah, the money is good.  It was more the first time for longer hair... all the way off.  But I would do it again in a heartbeat... wait, I just did!  And that's $4,000 I didn't have before!"

By Danielle Wright

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