7.24 Acres of Missouri Beauty - At $257.00 Per Month, Even A Blogger Could Make The Payment

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Sometimes its hard to begin the off-grid life.  I'm in the roofing business.  I follow local storms in Oklahoma, and help people file claims to pay for their roofs following hail damage.  Sometimes I'll get a customer who files for themselves, and is determined to roof it themselves and save money.  I'll ask them, "so you're going into construction huh?"  I've seen it all too many times.  They tear off the roof in a couple days.  Then the big sudden rain storm comes through and they get caught with the roof open.  

I know how to put a roof on, but it's nothing to trifle with.  I would never do it myself unless the building was very small.  Miguel and 6 guys can get it all done in a day no matter how big it is, and peace of mind is worth a heck of a lot.  

When you subject a family to the stresses of construction, it can be difficult.  But showing them what they can do for themselves can also be a wonderful life's lesson.  Preparation and perspective is imperative.  Don't bite off more than you can chew.  Plan wisely.  

A piece of land like this  could be a dream beginning.  But if you have a way to make the payment, that would be a good idea, but saving up and paying cash is the best option.  You could blog about your homestead, and likely pay the bill, but best to check the internet service in the area first to see if you have signal!


If Interested, Email:  Offgridjourney@gmail.com  Put:  "Missouri 4" as your subject heading and enter your phone number to be contacted.


This beautiful 7.24 acre parcel has unmaintained dirt road frontage along the southern and northern boundaries. The land itself is covered mostly in trees except for the small cleared site on the southern side of this property. There may be a small drive as well on this property. This property shares a well with the property to the east. There is also a pond along the western boundary of this property. There should be a power pole on this property, however it will need a meter installed from the local service provider. Being this land is some distance from the main road and has lots of trees for cover, this would make a perfect spot for the outdoorsmen or person looking to live the country lifestyle. Note: Property has not been surveyed. We highly recommend a survey before building or putting up a fence. Pictures are from the property in general, not necessarily the tract of land for sale.


 Notice that this parcel has power, a pond, and a well as well as cut access roads.  That's why it costs a bit more than other properties in the area.  It saves you a lot of time and money to have the well already in place.

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