9 Things We Should Get Rid of to Help Our Kids

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Food For Thought - Getting the kids involved in something great:

When they want something, find a simple money maker, whether it be a garage sale to get rid of things they don't want or need, or a lemonade stand outside, or selling mistletoe at Christmas, make a project of it with them by offering to make a youtube video of them in their project.  When they see how well it goes, and all the feedback from friends and family, they will be motivated to try other things to help expense their own needs.  This is a good example of a video with your kids of their project... once you do one or two with them, they'll be doing it with their friends and on their way to adulthood.  

Stories Like this one help us to think about encouraging our kids to do great things.  Sometimes keeping them busy in the Summer doesn't need to be a vacation or 50 trips to the lake.  Something they can accomplish is just as fun, and much more rewarding like this young man's dream:

16 year old builds tiny house

 There's Always music.... and when they've hurt themselves in football, and gotten too old... the music remains, and lasts a lifetime.  And when you can get two or three of them working together, they will never lack for something to do.

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