A Guide To Help You Get Kids Outside.

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For some kids, screen time has taken over their once active lives.   The following viral video showed three generations of people chatting about what they did in their free time.  The grandparents all went outside to have their fun, while all the children spoke only about playing video games, indoors for their free time.   While it was obviously scripted to prove a point, I know there is also some truth in it.  Many kids today can’t think of ways to entertain themselves beyond the screen.  Kids today aren’t going outside to play the way they used to. No one should or needs to shoulder the blame for this.   It’s easy to point fingers of parents that are “allowing” this to happen.  But, I also think we’re all trying our best. It is just how things have evolved, and it’s the reality of our day.
Kids not only need to be active, but they specifically need to be active outdoors.    Outdoor play has been shown to foster creativity, emotional stability, physical endurance, better concentration & focus, helps kids maintain a healthy weight, more!  I really believe we are just scratching the surface of finding out how detrimental  staying indoors will be to our kids. 

1) The no-monitor method for setting screen Limits

One vital piece of this puzzle, is that we really do need to set limits and boundaries. These don’t have to be painful for the kids.
You know the dynamics of your own family, so set up some rules and create some limits.

2) No one wants to be outdoors without Friends

This is where play dates and outings help, go ahead call some friends for your children and take them to the park, or set a date where you go hiking as a family, anything to bring your children to explore the outdoors.

3) Entertainment

Implement some outdoor games or activities in your backyard to lure your children outside.

4) Destinations

This is the most fun, because you get to enjoy your time as a family, you plan a trip, an outing and just go and enjoy your children.

These experiences will build everlasting memories.

Kids need to be outside! The outdoors to a kid can shape their personality, their physical  health, and their mental focus.  But there is a way to get them excited about it, without nagging, and without spending money.  Kids were meant for the outdoors, and I’m excited about this new generation of children that have the opportunities to love it! 

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