Casting Call - These Keep Coming At Me... So I'll Pass Em Along

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Here is a promotion I received Yesterday.  Just passing it along...  As many of you know, we got our start through the promotion of a failed Discovery Channel Series Documentary.  It can be rough, so I recommend you be comfortably funded before jumping into something like this, but it could be fun for the right situation. It could be a good opportunity to raise awareness to the world about sustainability and off grid living. 
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FAMILIES: SICK OF THE RAT RACE AND WANNA GET ‘OFF THE GRID’? NOW’S YOUR CHANCE! A major cable network announces an exciting new project that documents a family’s quest for a better life ‘off the grid.’ If your family is sick of the rat race, fed up with bureaucracy, and tired of being tethered to technology, this is your chance to finally pull the plug – literally – on life as you know it. This gr...oundbreaking series chronicles the adventures of one family as they reject modern conveniences and get ‘back to basics’: imagine building a homestead, foraging for berries, collecting water, harnessing solar energy, and living life on your terms. Together, you will shatter the illusion of conveniences and re-engineer life as you know it in a way that will forever change our perception of what is really most important in life.
Casting directors are seeking resourceful, ambitious families with untapped ingenuity and real homesteading skills. Apply now and email, like us at, or
This is the chance of a lifetime for the right family.


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