Coreen Bought A Car That Became Her Bad Day

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654.jpegOkay, so this is one of those stories that is sad and difficult in life, but it happened to someone I know, and I just can't set by and watch it happen.  For those of you who have been around for a while on the Living off the Grid page, you will remember Dylan who wrote for the page for some time.  Dylan now lives in the Tulsa metro area, and met a sweet gal named Corrine through the Living Off The Grid Page.  Correen had just gotten a new job working for Ruby Tuedsdays.  About a week later, the location was closed.  The day they closed their doors, she had the day off, and had no idea.  She was out car shopping to buy a car to get her to and from work. She wanted something dependable with low miles.  She found this ad online with Friendship Auto Sales in Broken Arrow:  

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She took it for a test drive, and liked that it had 90,000 miles.  She understood that one door needed to be opened from the outside, and the window motor was out.  When you buy used, you just want to know what the issues are.  


714.jpegShe bought it and took it home.  On Day one, discovered the Odometer didn't work, so the 90,000 miles was out the window.  On day two, she drove her ex husband so he could get a car.  He had $1500.00 cash with him, and they were out shopping.  They were pulled over because the car had a tail light that was out.  As it turns out, her ex had a warrant for an $800.00 fine which he had paid to Bixby three days prior, but it hadn't made it through the system yet.  He got his license renewed two days prior, which required that he pay his fine before he could renew.  Tulsa Police took him to jail and handed her his envelope of money.  $200.00 was missing by the time they gave it to her.  She used the rest to get him out of jail.  

On the way home, Correen put the back window down a bit for her boy, then shortly after, went to roll it back up.  It wouldn't go up and her boy was stuck in the back on the freeway with the wind in his face, and she had to get off the freeway and move his baby seat to another position to get him out of the wind.  Then another window was stuck too... there seems to be a pattern here.  These are things that should have been disclosed by the dealership that sold it, and they have no idea what those types of failures do to a single mother who finally has transportation.  

I spoke to them myself today, and they refuse to take the vehicle back, but say they will help her fix make it right.   I'm not sure you can right a situation where you sell a car with 90k miles that without an accurate odometer is not a 90k miles car.   The rep blamed her for not answering the phone on any of his calls, and said he's been trying to reach her.  He called once and left a voicemail yesterday according to her.  She responded with text.  He says he was on the computer trying to find a tail light.  He mentioned how all the cheap vehicles are sold out because it's tax time, and that he can't even keep them in stock so there's nothing else to trade her into.    

So two things I want to address.  If a person goes to jail, and their day is interrupted and accused of such, even after it has been paid and remedied, I believe that city office should be liable for pain and suffering, the loss of the entire day, so enough to make it right with his kids, his job, and the loss of a good deal on the car he was going to get.  I see a $10,000.00 city bill due him.  If we hold municipalities responsible for overbearing and stupid behavior, we will quickly remedy these types of circumstances.  

Secondly, a car dealer who handles these types of circumstances with flying colors should be rewarded.  One who sells junk and doesn't back up their claims should be penalized with public backlash.  They have no record with the BBB, so I have opened them up to review.  I will let you know how that goes today.  Call this getting personal on this global page.... yes.... yes it is... 

I won't let government or bad business get the best of us where I can help it.  Both need to be above reproach and honorable to continue to remain in their position.


Your humble host.... 

Dave Webster



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