Find your inner hobbit with a stay at this tiny Eco Pod that has a stargazing dome and porthole windows

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Dome cost owners £18,000 to design and make over the space of 12 weeks. The 9ft building features mod-cons including a TV, a small fridge, and Wi-Fi. A night in the Eye-Pod, which is closed during the winter, starts at £90

Star-crossed lovers can enjoy a romantic weekend away in this unique spherical 'hobbit house' with an intimate view of the heavens.

The Eye-Pod is a timber structure that is 18 feet in diameter and features a large lens in the ceiling that points to the night skies.

And despite its rustic charm couples wont have to do without mod-cons in the port-hole-clad nine-foot-tall building as it features a TV, DVD player, small fridge, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

It is this unique shape and the lens which gave Miles and Anna James, the owners of The Willows Abersoch campsite it is located at, the name for their creation.

The exact materials of the Eye-Pod are top secret, with Miles estimating the dome cost him and his wife £18,000 to design and make over the space of 12 weeks.

This is not their first venture into glamping as the site is also home to fully kitted-out 16x8ft tubes, which they have dubbed 'hobbits'.

Miles, a former lawyer and civil engineer, said: 'We have the only Eye-Pod in the world and it is going to stay that way for a while.

'Couples have enjoyed it because of the whole experience of sleeping in a sphere and they can see the stars.'

He added: 'Everyone who has visited has absolutely loved it and they all want to know if they can have one, people have even come over from America and Australia.

'It's perfect for a romantic weekend, we have had engagements, proposals and anniversaries. Only one man has proposed, apparently she said yes.

'Apart from guests we have had a lot of interest from carpenters and boat builders wanted to make them for us, but we won't tell them how its done.

'The point is we have the only one in the world, it's unique and it's going to stay that way for a while.'

A night's stay in the Eye-Pod, which is closed during the colder months of the winter, starts from £90.

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