Furnishings That Help A Person To Think Better

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Curvy wood bed

The decision that occurred when this timber was seen in the woods that gave it new life in the bedroom was one that transcends the "norm" we have come to know in a cookie cutter world.  When you see this, the first thing that comes to mind for many is "The bed of a millionaire" - for such a piece could cost a lot of money in a fancy furniture shop.  But what I see a piece that was found and assembled.  It seems such unique pieces that can be "found and discovered" are worth far more than anything we can craft with our cookie cutter methods. 

They used to say that traveling new directions on roads that one has not traveled stimulates new things in the brain.  It's healthy like exercise for the mind, and causes one to think outside the box.  I find that a world that has Mc Donalds, Walmart, and KFC in EVERY town tends to make things all feel the same - not like 30 years ago, and much of that expected awakening has been dampened at least in America, so a trip outside of this country can have such an effect even more.  Just like that, a piece of furniture or design with such character as this clears the airways in my head, helps me to breath and dream about what I might find on the beach, in the woods, on the trail for a stroll.  I see beautiful pieces that I can assemble, and tell a story of where it was found.  A home assembled with many stories gives one a true sense of accomplishment and connection.  When people come to visit, there is always an exciting story to tell. Many such pieces can become clutter however, so chose your placement and it's application wisely!


Here are a few other such pieces, yet I fear I have shared the best first! Ha!


 SCBK Silver Creek Bunk Bed 1 800


timber bedCozy-And-Functional-House-In-Aspen-with-white-black-red-bedroom-wooden-wall-bed-pillow-blanket-chair-table-grey-carpet-hardwood-floor-nightstand-lamp

Though this isn't really furniture, it has that same effect:

2 large

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