The Stored Power In Gravity

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When I see these pictures, my first thought was photoshop until I saw that there was more than one out there, and realized that there is such a place.  For those of you who read about what's happening with Doug Meyers, and his black box, since we still don't really know what's In there yet, my mind has been reeling to the point that I had a dream this morning. 

Pictures by:  Tbilisi, Georgia

It started, I'm sure because of one who commented about there being a couple hamsters in there turning a wheel.  Made me laugh.  Then I thought about all the things it could be.  I pictured opening the door, and having a big wind-up spring where you wind it and it generates power.  But that wouldn't get enough power with a spring that small.  So as my A-d-d dreamland mind wandered, it went on to thinking about what else....


I pictured two chemicles inside that slowly mixed, a sort of super battery, and lightning bolts were coming out of the box, so we thought... no... too dangerous.  As I wandered into my morning consciousness, I started to think from the spring idea of a cucoo clock with it's weights to wind.  I realized that our entire world with it's massive communication works so much together.  What I mean is:  With Edison and Tesla, and the development of electrical wires and electricity, the funding for and the motivation, and most of the brain power in the world went into developing electrical devices.  Maybe we have left some mechanical ideas behind.  I began to picture ancient Egypt, and the giant stone blocks.  I pictured in my mind a giant cliff with Oxen carrying blocks to the edge of a cliff.  That the huge blocks would be loaded on a system where as they lowered down the cliff, they powered a pully system that powered a generator with a power station to generate electricity.  There is so much power stored in simply gravity!  Imagine this place pictured below... wait... even better... I'm breaking out paint brush...  Okay.... so here's kinda what's going on in my mind: Kinetic Energy

So yes there's power in gravity, and if you let the big cement block, like a wind up weighted grandfather clock, be used to power electricity with giant steel cables, that's one way it could be done.  And once a week, or every day, or every month, depending when you deplete the stored electricity, you would call the cart man, or in todays world, it could be the semi truck, to haul your rock back up the hill.  I guest you could power your "Grandfather House" this way (pun on Grandfather Clock)  This is like something you might expect to see the Professor from Back to the future do in the old west.  Question is, is that any cheaper than electricity for the amount of energy you would be creating?  Hmmm... food for thought.  It depends how cheap electricity is, how much the block costs, whether the cliff is practically close to home, how big the block is, cost of cables and steel pulleys, but maybe this sparks the brain to think about where energy comes from a little, and as to mechanical physics.  While sitting in the cart, the block is only potential energy.  But Gravity is a force that offers us an amazing source of energy when that object is placed in a place where it may no longer be supported by a cliff.

Though here at the earths surface, it is only considered as potential energy, it is this incredible force of gravity that this block, and all of the earth around us, and the pressure created by the mass of gravity pulling into its center, is a force that generates the terrific heat that melts the core of the earth.  So in a sense, Gravity is a force that generates heat where there is enough mass.  And that mass is all around us.  So learning new ways to capture that energy is just a matter of time and experimentation.

I'm no physisist, but I did take physics in High school as well as calculus, so I have some knowledge:  enough to know what I'm thinking, but not enough to know what I'm talking about, so If something I say is totally off, I welcome the corrections.  That's how we learn.  We are all here to share knowledge.

And about that black box....   Gravity power is too big to be in there.  So we're still waiting to see what he's got going on in his mind.  As soon as we have an update, I'll let you know. 


Here are some other great cliff shots that inspire:








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