History: TierFelder (Low loader) Base model single cab Utilitarian VW Bus

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There were 2 main models available in the Tieflader line, a standard and a special service model. Regardless of which one you ordered, a single cab in primer was sent to Westfalia (belly pans not ordered with this model). The side gates were cut in half, and the front gate pieces were combined with the belly doors, to make a large door on each side. Hinges were then fitted to that and the body to enable to the doors to swing forward on both sides.  

The lower floor was then strengthened with beams. The front half of the bed was then cutout, giving the owner access to walk on the lower bed area. That cut out bed piece was then cut in half again and hinged, so the full length of the bed could be used again at any time by folding the bed leaflet back out again.

The standard model had the option of extendable rails on each side which came with a rolling sled that could be guided up or down the rails in/out of the low floor bed for loading heavy large items up into the low floor such as refrigerators and etc. The service model on the other hand came equipped with a wooden lockable toolbox and sheet metal tote boxes, as well as warning stripes and a flashing beacon. Both models had the option of a partial or full length canvas and two tone paint. 

Westfalia conversion

The Base model :Was the same on both models. A primered single cab, 6095DM. Ordered with mcodes 115 (low floor). Vehicle was primered but the inside of the cab was painted Light grey (L345) by VW.

Conversion: Undersides were strengthened with beams and the sides were prepared for the swinging door, costing 1150DM.

Standard model: 


  • Rails and 2 roll-up sleds DM555

  • Installation/construction of a foldable bed section. Spans across low load area for full length bed usage, or can be folded in half and raised vertically to block off rear of bed. Can also lay folded back flat on bed. DM280

  • Single color  paint DM495

  • Two-Tone paint DM 535

  • Canvas and Hoops, cab height, only over the low floor DM225

    • Add-on bucklable tail part for half length canvas DM65

  • Canvas and Hoops, cab height, extending over the entire bed surface DM330

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