How Much Will Your Sustainable Efforts Bring If You Sell?

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I have been sharing with you property from many of the inexpensive places around the country.  Here's what happens when you buy a lot and build something that looks as cozy as this with reclaimed materials in Sunny Santa Barbara California!  It is for Sale for $1,199,000.00!  Yes that's over a million dollars!  Yes the land is expensive there, but holy smokes Batman!

If I haven't shared much land like this in California, it's because I have a funny feeling that most people trying to live off the grid will be happy to look a little further out for a little cheaper land.  Please let me know if I'm wrong, and I'll gladly point you in the right direction.  All that sad, do know that if you take the time to build a nice sustainable home on expensive land, It usually will reap very nice rewards for an investor who so chooses.  People will pay for a sustainablehouse because they are saving on utilities.  If you cut out a $300.00 per month gas and electric bill by building a home that is efficient and has solar or wind power, there is value built into the home with free or inexpensive utilities. 


million dollar natural home in santa barbara

This home in sunny Santa Barbara, Calif. is listed for $1,199,000. The one-bedroom, one-bathroom home spans 510 sq. ft. on one acre.  (Zillow)


Compare to this little place in Missouri with Seven Acres: 

montauk park

7.33 Acres in the Ranches of Montauk Park with Amish Built Cabin Missouri $1,000 down



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