Iowa Roadside Barn Prompts Inspiration

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joels iowa barn

Pictures taken by my good friend Joel Leitch on the road over Christmas Break 2013 visiting family in Iowa. 

This Iowa farm's owner might be 75 years old, and the barns use is done.  The land might have passed on to a new generation, and lost its profitability, or they lease it to the farmer next door.  Whatever the case may be, I often think of instances like this where an opportunity may be beckoning you to ask.  It never hurts to ask.  If you are willing to work, people are willing to listen.  The best of both worlds is perhaps when an elderly couple is overwhelmed with the chores presented by their land, and their children have gone on to lives elsewhere in the city to their own successes.  They seek help to maintain what they have.  All the while, a young man is skilled in construction and anxious to build himself a place, but has not yet saved up the money to build himself a house.  Where two can find a happy ground to agree and make each others lives better is always an exciting proposition. 

He might decide to build it into a home, or into a farmers market with living quarters, but whatever the case, the elements are currently taking toll on such a vessel that might still be saved. 

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