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While building the log house i needed a cheap and quick Mini Workshop and there was snow on the ground.  I found plans to build barn storage buildings and built this 4x8 barn,  yes 4x8 as money was tight.  You would not believe all the stuff i had in this thing:  a workbench and all kinds of tools!!  Then later I built 8x12 barns for  a lumber Co.... a lot of them !!!! The long winter evenings were a lot less boring with this Tiny Work shop LOL.547537 10202817063846269 1410667168 n

I moved to 40 acres in 1977 to build a log house ,we needed a place to stay way back in the woods so i took two Renault car front ends with coil suspension  and built this little frame cabin on them.  We took it to a campground just for fun and got plenty of looks LOL.  I pulled it with a CJ5 Jeep over 200 miles and it had a big bed across front end (where the big window is) Talk about off the grid! 

How i unloaded 500 lb wood furnace by my self, I'll never know LOL!  They put it on my trailer with a fork lift but when i got home now what ????  I scooted the furnace towards rear of trailer and unhooked the hitch and it tipped toward the rear then i drove a metal bar in the ground  hooked to furnace and then run a chain to the axle of the trailer hooked on to the truck.  I slowly inched forward and the furnace slid down the trailer and on to ground.  WHEW what a relief!!!!940829 10202817026445334 1425810585 n

Here's another shot of the beast.  Metal frame welded to receive white metal Tin base of chat and precast concrete slabs.  Hot air ducts on top about 90,000 btu  will be wrapped with fiberglass insulation all around except front with fire door !!!
 Ducts blow hot air into dining room in center of house, and it works great!  No need to run ducts into central heat ducts.  1510433 10202816965283805 514066725 n

We have a double mobile home and cant have a stove inside it so we set a wood furnace in a fireproof shed beside it and blow the hot air in a window in dining room through four 8 inch ducts:  two hot and two cold air returns from the floor level.  Man does it work great!  Keeps the whole house warm, and the kitchen runs about 90 on a zero morning.  Its a Heat Blast from U.S. stove that was designed for a basement furnace, and burns about six to eight hours on a load of dry oak.  The old electric furnace was only 40,000 btu where this thing is around 90,000. 

 We went though a power failure for two weeks in zero temps so were highly motivated to modify and install this unit.  The blowers can run from our homemade lawn mower generator if need be!

1483094 10202816825200303 105857777 nThis was a wrecked paddle boat that was headed for the scrap yard.  We saved and built our Mini Toon from it.  I am 65 and My knees wont let me pedal anything anymore so electric power was the way to go.  It was badly damaged in a storm tied to a dock !!!! Made in 1966.  1530374 10202816779079150 177659551 n

The Builder and Captain LOL, enjoys relaxing and a cold drink along river bank while wife and son swim from sand bar,




My wife aboard our homemade Mini Toon powered by electric motors.  The battery can run her most of a day.  Recharge with any 12volt dc source, and it carries 4 people with ease !!!!1521584 10202816753598513 659070185 n

 Need a cozy place to stay while building your dream place ,this a frame would be quick cheap and easy add some insulation and laugh at winter storms ,earthquake resistant wind resistant ,not my idea but thought i would share .1487338 10202841696422068 1617953438 n

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Yes i built a chicken shack and its on skids its 4x8 feet and had 4 chickens in it that laid eggs everyday for three years .Chicken Shack rear chicken door rope pulled door closed from front 
roost automatic feeder and water with nest boxes inside chicken run built from this back wall fenced










Off Grid Heat ?????????
HIGH TODAY 16 with snow on ground !!!

The biggest step to being off the grid is heat security !!!!

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Having an all electric home is rolling the dice each winter even gas or oil heat depends on electric to work , having a wood stove inside is the most direct way to heat but causes many problems , Insurance companies may not allow it,ashes and bark mess plus smoke every time you open the door ?????? The old flue fire worry ??????

Having an outside furnace fixes those problems although you have to go outside Evey six to eight hours to reload wood and here in this photo i am doing just that LOL but the security of knowing its going to be there ice storm or blizzard is worth it.

Hot water wood furnace costs 3 times as much and much harder to maintain !!!

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