Where Do You Want To Build Your Homestead?

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What's more difficult, deciding which pair of shoes to buy, what watch you want, what to wear in the morning, who take to the dance, who to marry, what car to buy, or where to live?  All of these are lifes decisions, and where you choose to live can have as much to do with how busy you will be as any in your life.  Desert, beach, mountains, hot, cold, freezing, humid, wet, dry.  These are all things that you will have to think about and figure out before you think to build.  Land isn't free, so you'll have to buy, lease, rent, or trade for a place to park your dreams. Where you live makes part of the decision for you as to what type of structure you will build.  If you build in Mexico,you'll likely have a tile roof.  If you're in the Philippines, you'll likely use bamboo.  If you're in the mountains, there's plenty of rocks and lumber.  If you're on the beach in the tropics, you don't need windows.  If you're in Alaska or Norway, you had better prepare for the cold, and have extra heavy insulation in one way or another. 

What best suits you? 

1.  The dunes


2.  The Mountains


 3. The Desert

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 4.  The River Valley

mountains 4

5.  The Beach

dusk on the beach 1920x1080


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