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by David Webster


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I preface this article with reminding you who it is writing it because the topic to follow has been clouded in failures, disbelief, and misinformation for a long time to the point where energy buffs, critics, and techie nuts never know what to believe when they see the type of claim you are about to see here today. 

Consider this not just as a claim, but a global press release for the success of one individual to combine several known technologies, and create one simple system to change the way we power the world. 

photoI first introduced Doug Meyers of Mid Tech Energy to our Facebook Crowd just a few months ago.  He is a small town guy with a big vision who started out installing wind turbines in Hutchinson Kansas.  His business came crashing down when Hutchinson, who's lawmakers are in bed with the power company, began unlawfully using the courts to mandate that his installations be removed. They changed the laws where they had to, or overlooked them to accomplish their goals. 

 Doug is quite the positive and resiliant man, and then went on to build a mobile wind and solar power system.  But it wasn't long before Hutchinson put a stop to the mobile units as well. 

Then Doug came up with a trailered mobile power station which took the product out of the jurisdiction of any building or planning commission, or the power company, and there was nothing they could do to stop him.  See the video of one of his powerstations in operation.

Through the years of intensly creative power design, and his desire to find energy solutions for the masses, Doug has seen many internet ideas that seemed plausible, and began to put some of them to the test.  He was excited as he was having successes with a solar and hydrogen heater system that would operate as a boxed unit to heat a home.  It was just a couple of weeks ago he was hoping to have a final assembled version to video a demonstration of its functionality.  It was then, in the moments of creation and design, that Doug had an epiphany that may change our world beginning today with the way we think about power, and with how we spend our money on power. 

 So tonight Doug Called me to let me know..... "It's ready!"  He has found a way to generate power, and conceals it all in a rather large and heavy box, a small price to pay when no outside power source is required.  The box is fully self contained!  It generates comfortably 2500 watts of power, and he is taking orders beginning today.  This is a self powering generator that utilizes three less powerful energy sources to produce one powerful energy source.  It will be taking the place of wind or solar for him with fabrication and duplication.  It produces its own constant power without any outside influence like fuel, electric, wind, or solar etc.  They are stackable units for the production of larger amounts of electricity.  It is called:  The Midtech Energy Black Box Power Station!

They will be available from Midtech Energy, and Midtech Energy East.  The price of each unity will be $6500.00.  That's half the price of a 3kw wind and solar system.  You may contact Midtechenergy@yahoo.com to order one today!

Doug states that he will be recording an operational video for us tomorrow, and as with any new technology, let's see it in motion before slapping our money down.  I'm looking forward to the video.  If it is as expected, I'll be taking a road trip from Tulsa to go see it work and give you my personal two cents on it.  This really looks great, and with Doug's reputation and experience behind it, I can't wait to see one in person!  And I'm the guy who doesn't go anywhere far from home these days...    World Changers People - Right Here - World Changers!

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