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The Rafters

After making a few days of good progress, not much happened with the roof for nearly two months, although Steve did get the stone work finished under one of the two remaining ends:

More stone wor

September 14, 2008 - a large crew descended on the Cabin with tools and intent. First job was framing in the window boxes on one end:

Window Framing

From there it was on to the rafters. After some reflection Steve had scrapped the dimensions we'd used for the prototype rafter, in favor of a steeper pitch for more headroom inside. Also, he decided to incorporate a ridge beam. So a new master rafter was made, and the first copy (second rafter) lifted into place and stabilized:

Lifting First Rafter
Once it was placed it was 'Topped Out' with the traditional pine bough, and the next rafter lifted:Topping Out
One crew on the ground kept building rafters matching the master rafter:Rafter Production

While others set the rafters in place and braced them. Once a few were up the first ridge beam was set:Ridge Beam in place
We knew we had the end in sight when all the rafters had been lifted in place, and all that remained was to position and brace them:Near the End
By the end of the day, the rafters were in place and that phase was finished - a place no one had imagined we'd get to today:End of Day
Steve looks happy...

One more thing about this day - it was a nearly 15 year Reunion of 'The Odd Couple' from the '93-94 Mexico Trip:Odd Couple

September 15, 2008 - Today was Monday, and the crew was down to just four of us. After the spectacular gains of yesterday, most of this day was putting on finishing details, like lagging down the plates and putting in blocking between the rafters.

Detail work
Much of the beginning of the day was spent in head scratching and discussions. It became time to deal with many details that had been in the "we'll figure that out later" category.Discussions

Lowe's Delivers. The Lowe's truck with the little ride-along fork lift made it's way through the gates up pastures to the base of the hill, and the fork lift got the metal roofing panels the rest of the way.Lowes Delivers
We did finally get some more visible progress when we started nailing on the purlons.Purlons
As we reached the top of one side we were running out of nails, screws, and screw driver batteries, but we got to the topOne Side done
This was a shorter day as Steve had a family birthday (Sylvia's) dinner/party to attend, but more good progress was made.End of the Day

Time for me (Richard) to go back to work (at the job with a paycheck) tomorrow, but the cabin work will continue with some new helpers coming.

September 16, 2008 - Tuesday saw changes in the crew, which started with the purlons on the other side from the one we had completed Monday. Your normal photog was sitting at a desk in the city - he had to rely on Steve for these pics.

New Crew Tuesday
The purlons finished, the ends were trimmed and the eaves attached.Trimming the ends
By the end of Tuesday the first of the metal sheets were up:First metal panels
Time for a Steve Check: Yep. Still looks happy.Steve Check

September 17, 2008 - Wednesday the end was in sight and the panels continued going up.

More panels
last panels
Cavers do a roof - note the PMI, tied off to the bumper, belaying the ladder laying on the roof (left frame in the following panel):caver belay
Just a ridge cap left to go...putting on the ridge cap
I think this means it is done!At the end
Steve has got his roof.The Roof
He'll know when it's raining!Listen to the rain
He didn't send any Steve Check pics, but I can imagine the grin anyway!

This set of pages was originally to be only about putting the roof on Steve's cabin, and that's done. But he's got plenty more to do...

February 2009 Update

Gable Ends Done

March 2009 Update

Gable Ends Done
Gable Ends Done


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