Renaissance Young Woman Lives In A Van And Travels Through Australia's Outback.

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Demonstrating with her lifestyle choice a viable alternative model of living, based on minimalist consumption and the subsequent rewards of few possessions, McArthur challenges our current dependence on money, a tool which is now glorified.

McArthur began her journey around Australia with the aim to promote minimalism and self sufficiency by documenting currently existing sustainability-based communities and life choices prior to designing a conserver system network that seeks to; preserve our global natural environment; inhibit the decline of non-renewable resources; liberate ourselves from convenience age dependency and prioritise additional occupational choice and personal fulfilment, which is so often sacrificed in the pursuit of the means to merely afford our base necessities and survive. 

Providing an alternative evidence-based lifestyle option shown through the window of film and media, McArthur works toward developing an answer to the hazards posed by unsustainable consumerism which threatens human society and our fragile ecological equilibrium. 

McArthur is currently in the midst of recording her first album whilst looking for land to purchase in Australia to proceed the launch of her conserver system design.

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