Villa De Leyva Colombia Has Much To Offer Us

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Our world is filled with amazing places.  It is only now, today, in this era, in this amazing time, that we are able to share all of the ideas of history in one place, at our desk, in the palms of our hands, with our friends, everyone we have ever known, and not only relish them, and enjoy them together, but also to gather cool ideas from the past of humankind. 

Here In America, we have in a sense grown up believing that the world began in 1900 with the invention of the Car and Electricity, and that we broached cave man status when the TV and the Telephone were commonplace, and Airplanes were going round the world.  That made us smarter than everyone in history, and every new invention was thought to need to be plugged in or have a motor.  So every designer and manufacturer forgot about tools of old, things that were manual or hand done.  We left them on the back burner to another place in history. 

I think the change began with cordless tools.  When we realized the freedom we gained from the wall with cordless tools, we got excited abou building again.  I always got in trouble for building in the house and putting sawdust all over my moms living room.  I suppose the trouble was because I didn't clean it up.  But the real excitement over cordless tools was being able to go outside and use em.  Convenience.  It was more convenient to build something real quick than to go to the store and buy it.  Especially if you lived a ways from a major hardware store. 

Now that we are seeking freedoms, and technologies that expand our freedom not to be tied to a job in the city, not to be tied to the city, not to have to brave work traffic, not to have to breathe the smog, we have also begun to seek out ways to do it better.  We can find those examples in history of those who have done it better with the touch of a screen, and apply what we can learn from them.

When it comes to construction, every store is built to house products that must be manufactured.  The tools that work on those products (ie lumber) are only available in the store.  Therefore, techniques which don't cost money to manufacture, ship and buy in a store are left as forgotten knowledge.  It is the words like "Home built for $400.00!" That sparks our interest today.  Since we live in a monetary system, we think, "They must be lying."  But we are a part of a different system.  One in which every hour of our working day is counted.  And for that reason, every minute we spend building something has a monetary value.  A place like this would have tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of "homestead investment" time / labor invested.  If you were to work a job the time you spent building, you would make a lot of currency.  Instead you have invested in a home that you could sell if you liked after, but it is individual as you are, and you family is, so it's hard to part with one labors. 

This example below in Villa de Leyva Colombia is a cob type home whos architecture is so personalized and artistic!  Those of us with that kind of mind just love this.  Those who are more by the book will think this is messy and ugly.  But a home like this had such qualities of insulating since there was no electricity then.  They built homes to be temperature controlled without it.  If we combine that natural temperature control with a lesser amount of electricity for lighting and humidity control needs, we will eliminate much of the long term cost factor in our lives. 

Learn from their examples and enjoy: 


  • Hi there, I just wanted to share this pictures of a clay house in Villa de Leyva Colombia.  It is a touristic site, and very inspiring for many if us.

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