When There Is A Need, and Just Because You Can

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For those of you who are newer to the page, we got our start in Depew Oklahoma Summer 2012, and there is a lot of history there that you can read about, but after that, we all scattered to different parts of the country.  Marty, Diane, Skyler, and Drew went to a cabin in Colorado to start a new life.  While there, they took with them a life's worth of creativity.  Here is Marty cutting a piece of wood for a special purpose:1552855 485641751553221 726607793 n

And here it's purpose is revealed:

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Switch covers:  No problem:

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 How bout a more natural style: 

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Ooh a bed?  Sure!  Sound's Like fun!

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How bout a new coat rack for the interior?  Hmmm... lemme see if there's a piece of wood laying around outside that will do the trick?  Aha!  Found it!  After stripping the wood of it's bark and making it look pretty, assembling the two pieces, the piece was varnished and is functional and beautiful!

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Ummm... How bout a washing machine!

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Towel Rack Anyone?

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 As you can see, working with what you have outside your door is always a big plus! But developing and honing your skills is something to be desired too!  Nice work Marty!


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