Living With The Eagles, And When 'Progress' Takes Their Trees

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Southwest Florida is teaming with wildlife, and if you're coming from the U.S mainland above, you will discover a different breed of wildlife when you come here.  With the ocean to your left and the everglades to your right, the Caloosahatchee River comes from Lake Okeechobee, right through the everglades, bringing wildlife with it.  That fresh water life merges with salt life between Cape Coral and Sanibel Island, and the brackish water has both gators and dolphins, manatees and fresh water fish!  It is in this convergence zone that we find, city or not, here they come! The humid air blows across the state as if we were part of the ocean, and the critters pass on through like there wasn't a person to be seen.  They have learned to co-habitate with us as we humans have learned to preserve the wildlife around us through the Conservancy of Southwest Florida.  

Moody River on the Northwest part of the Cape is one community that has built up in co-existence with nature.  Through a combination of allowances and cooperation with local wildlife management, construction has made lots of room for nature to thrive with and around the people who live there. 

One local resident had this to say about the ducks who nested on her roof:

"A Muscovy duck had nested in a niche on my roof. Today was hatch day. All little ducklings jumped off the roof when their Mom was calling them from the ground.  Then she led them to the lake.

This is the fourth time in 10 years that a duck had made its nest there. The little ones have always tumbled down, none got hurt. I think they are as light as a cotton ball. It is quite a sight. Mom being on the ground and keeps calling them and listens whether there are any little feet scratching in the gutter. They have to jump over the rim of the gutter, they are so tiny. When there are no more sounds from the roof, Mom leaves with her group. Really cute:"

Image by ilsa mayer

Image by David Hering

Image by Mike Irwin

And you would hardly believe all this wildlife lives between the homes in little patches of brush, but it does... and those patches are bigger than they look on here:

Inside Moody River is a wildlife sanctuary.  There resides an Eagle that is known to have been nesting there since at least 2003.  The residents of Moody River call him George.  George has a lifelong partner who nests with him named Martha.  They have fledgelings most years, but not every year.  Construction of homes has continued to go on around the sanctuary area.  This last year they had no young.  Through the introduction of the Next Door App for computer and for phone, neighbors have been communicating with each other.  It's kind of like a Facebook for neighborhoods.  George and Martha can be seen most days by homes that border the sanctuary, and those who have nice cameras take lots of pictures.  The sanctuary and it's land taxes are paid for by the homeowners association as part of the agreement to live in Moody River.  

This is a good example of a builder planning and a community living around and loving on nature.  One of the nations largest construction companies: DR Horton is the builder of the community....

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