When he gets in.... How to get the bear out of your house

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So what would you do if a bear got in the house? One of our family stories is about my Dad and his family out camping in the woods in Yosemite when a black bear came to the edge of the tent. He was poised at the back of the tent with his boy scout knife, ready to cut his way out the back and run. His father was behind the flap of the doorway as the bear poked his head through. His Dad caught the bear off guard and did his notorious whisper roar. The bear ran out tumbling and fumbling over it's feet... couldn't get away fast enough. So that's one way to deal with it. Here's another:

Remember that different kinds of bears require different tactcs. Grizzly Bears are honery, and won't scare so easy. Here's another bear-in-the house scenario:

Man vs bear compilation:

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