Bear Eyes Steaks and Scallops, and Won't Take No For An Answer (video)

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When it comes to wilderness territory, a bear who's been trained that it's okay to steal a meal or been given a handout recognizes that people pose no danger, and might just bully his way in to your grill-out.  This bear has more hunger than sense, and doesn't mind the heat.  

The reason we have rules about not feeding the bears is because in times past, bears became so accustomed to people that they were more like forest pets, but their sheer size makes the occasional mishap detrimental to the human who's in the way of that next meal.  

We all remember that Yogi got his name stealing picnic baskets.  Well, I suggest we have a new bear in town... Hot Fingered Hoolihan here is the local celebrity.  

Nice try guy... but Hoolihan here is hardly deterred by the antics.  Primal urges... hunger wins in this episode.... 

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