Drone Footage Of Serengeti Wildlife 'Sneaks Up' On Clusters Of Beauty

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Filmmaker and photographer, Will Burrard-Lucas, managed to capture this unbelievable footage of the Serengeti’s stunning landscape and unparalleled wildlife in a matter of two weeks— Less intrusive and less expensive than helicopter, and much simpler than foot or 4x4 carrying a person in with a camera. 

"Drones have opened the door to an entirely new realm of photography and videography, especially when attempting shots in perilous climates, or in the vicinity of wild and hungry plain-dwelling animals."  ~Rob Hoffman

Burrard-Lucas developed his own drone technology by hanging a stabilized gimbal beneath the spinning blades to capture incredibly smooth footage. His customized drone, which he calls the “BeetleCopter,” supports cameras “ranging from a GoPro up to a Canon 5D Mark III.”

The following footage of the Serengeti was recorded with a GoPro Hero 3+, with Burrard-Lucas claiming to film at distances up to a kilometer away from the drone. On his website, he contends that “These devices have incredible potential in wildlife film-making and photography; they are quieter and more maneuverable than a normal helicopter so they can get closer to animals with minimal disturbance.” 


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