Is A Rooftop Bee Sanctuary Coming to a Hotel Near You? (Video)

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Ten hotels in San Francisco have installed bee sanctuaries on their rooftops with the goal of helping to save the pollinators of the world.

Clift Hotel General Manager Michael Pace said, “We installed ten bee hives, with about 10,000 bees each, which are developing now, and by the spring there should be up to about 70,000 bees per hive."

Several other hotels in the Fisherman’s Wharf and Nob Hill neighborhoods have followed suit.

“I kind of created this web of bee hives that are kind of populating from one area to another and really helping repopulate the honey bee population, which you may have heard has been suffering over the past few years,” Pace said.

Pace says the hives should generate around 70 gallons of honey each. The honey is being served in food, and cocktails in the hotels.

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