Iguana Epidemic - Eating Our Way Out Of A Problem?

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In Southern Florida, we hear about a lot of invasive species that continue to thrive in hot humid environment that pervails there.  Basically, it's a rainforest, and anything you introduce that loves a wet hot climate can thrive.  You hear a lot about Pythons and snakes in the news.  As the story goes, Hurricane Andrew destroyed a lot of homes.  Pets got loose, and now they've got big families in the everglades. 

Snakes and lizards are everywhere.  Big big iguanas are all over the place in Cape Coral.  In fact, you can take a canoe out through a canal on a given morning and find them sunning themselves. 

Before people make plans what to do with them, some energetic young folk are getting out there and gathering them up, and bonking them on the head.  There's no protection for them since they're considered invasive, and thought Central American iguanas are on the endangered list due to human consumption, Floridian and Puerto Rican iguanas don't belong, and they're game for a wild-meat industry.  

In case you find yourself hungry in South Florida, there's always fish, but now there's lizard.... and here's how to cook one:

If you've ever wanted the chance to try your hand with a slingshot or a blow-dart gun, this might be your angle for the wild hunt in the city you've always wanted.  I'm not a big fan of killing them and trashing them.... maybe it's big bait for catching a big fish, but I'm more a fan of using the meat you kill.  If you're gonna kill em, open a restaurant.  

How do you feel about the Iguanas?  Comment below and share!  

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