This Hunter Howls Like A Coyote. Listen To The Response In The Woods.

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This is Jason Groseclose -2-time World Coyote Howling Champion.  What that means is he knows how to sound like one, and to get them started.  In this instance, I suppose once he calls them in close to him, he'll want a little protection from the pack just in case he gets them all too riled up.  

That sounds like a large pack of coyotes!  

I grew up in the mountains, and I can remember taking my dog into the forest with me alone from the time I was 5.  His name was Timber - part lab, part golden retriever, part german shepherd.  I would see a coyote, and he would take off after it.  Next thing you know he would be coming back toward me with three of them on his tail.  As he got close to me his protective instinct would kick in and he would turn around and chase them back the other way.  The whole forest would be alive with them.  Even at that age, I grew up with no fear of coyotes as long as Timber was with me.  

What about your close encounters? What has happened to you? Have you ever had something like this while you were in the woods?

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