USDA Kills Boy's Dog (and almost kills boy) In their own backyard!! (video)

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Just last week, 14-year-old Canyon Mansfield went for a walk with his family’s 3-year-old yellow Labrador, Casey, on a hill behind their home. It would be the last walk Canyon took with his dog.

Upon noticing a small pipe sticking out of the ground, 300 yards from the family swing set and on the property where the family had lived for 10 years, was an M44 device that had been planted by the USDA without their knowledge. When the orange gas, which was cyanide, blew into the wind it sprayed into Canyon’s left eye and on his clothing. It also sprayed on Casey.

Canyon said, “I look over and see him having a seizure. I ran over and he had these glassy eyes. He couldn’t see me, and he had this red stuff coming out of his mouth.”

By the time Mark Mansfield, a doctor, started trying to resuscitate Casey, he was gone.

On Friday, the US Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services said this was the first unintentional discharge of an M-44 in Idaho. Since 2014. That’s right, this has happened before. Perhaps because they hadn’t warned the public then either.

A spokesman for the USDA said,

“Wildlife Services understands the close bonds between people and their pets and sincerely regrets such losses. Wildlife Services has removed M-44s in that immediate area … and is completing a thorough review of the circumstances of this incident … to determine whether improvements can be made to reduce the likelihood of similar occurrences happening in the future.”

Too little, too late.

~ via Erin Elizabeth, Youtube - East Idaho News

Video below:

The U.S. GOVERNMENT has been planting M44 devices, which spray CYANIDE when touched to control animal populations, but they have not disclosed this information to the nearby residing public. The death of a beloved family pet has exposed this system of animal control.  Two dogs in Wyoming were killed this way last week as well.  Cyanide bombs were removed after a grey wolf in Oregon was killed a few days ago. Many disturbing tales of maiming and killing of pets and critters, as well as harm to humans continue to surface.  Spread word to keep an eye out for these, and report them when they're placed where they shouldn't be.  

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