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I lived in Cape Coral last year.  You will remember the famous stories of Robin Speronis who attempted to live off grid when her bills got out of hand and she had to let them shut off.  She set up a few solar panels, a couple batteries, and rainwater catchment here where it rains all Summer long.  One of the greatest hurdles to the off-grid lifestyle is that in an effort to survive and fund itself, left unchecked, local government encroaches upon every element of human life.  We recently made the move from Cape Coral to a homeowners association in Lee County, and later to a rural plat in Lee County.  Following these moves, I can tell you that a few miles makes all the difference in your peace of mind and peace of life.  But life is a series of trade-offs, so if you want your kids in a specific school, you might be limited as to where you can live.  If you find a job in a difficult county or town, you might be stuck with their rules.  My good friend Hector has been dealing with these rules over the past 16 years, and the camera is always a good way to deal with them.  Watch this: 


If you wonder what makes people want to go live off the grid, a series of these types of encounters can really frustrate a person.  How do I feel about this personally? Keeping in mind that this is a city, not a homeowners association that operates by issuing code violations progressively all day long, not a complaint driven system.  Legally, I would make the city buy my house back for not making me sign an agreement to live under those rules when I moved there.  I don't put up with the kind of garbage they are imposing, and as beautiful a place as it is, it is said they do it all to keep property values high, but if nobody wants to be there because they terrorize 1/2 of the citizens... the working class, a lot of good that will do.  

My friend had an extremely valid point.  I was there the day they moved in, and the neighbor behind has lots of boats and non-running vehicles.  In a town like Cape Coral, all of that is considered illegal.  Why would a person complain?  Usually because he or she is frustrated with the regulations imposed on him or her.  The point is, we don't want him to be in trouble for his mess because we want the same freedom to park things on our own property.  Neither one is bothering anybody, so what gives law enforcement the right to step on our toes?  They don't have the right except that we let them take it from us.  City government managed to take away the freedoms of Cape Coral's population without the permission of the majority of the population.  How is it in your town or city? 

You've heard me make phone calls to various counties that have no codes or restrictions.  In Cape Coral, let's see... you can't park an RV on your land unless there's a house and a garage to fit it in.  You can't fence residential land without a home on it.  You must pull a 3 day permit to load your rv or travel trailer, and another permit to unload it.  Though it's a boating town, if you want to park a boat on your land, it needs to be behind the faceline of the house, and preferably behind the fence.  If a neighbor complains, they can cite you.  These are just a few of the fun codes in Cape Coral.  There are reasons for some of them, mostly profitability for the city, which means attack on the citizens.  I say wall up your fortresses and take on city hall people!  Don't let them do that to you!  Sue them broke and make them support the people, not attack them.  

All of this gives me a headache.  So I make it easy for you.  I'm working hard to find land available in areas with no codes or restrictions all over the country!  Much of it is owner financed, and we're working on setting up arrangements with areas not yet covered.  Click here to see some of the available owner-financed land!

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